Gaggalacka-Safe-Bubble (english)

The incidence numbers continue to fall and give us hope, but we are still planning a hygiene and test concept, simply because we would probably not get permission for the festival without an appropriate concept in these times.

In general, it will work as follows: We will create a safe bubble at the festival. This means that everyone(!) on the site will be tested, recovered or vaccinated. So we can move freely on the site without major restrictions. The ideal case would be: You have been vaccinated twice or recovered at most six months ago (and have a corresponding certificate). Then you can pass by our test station and check in directly at the entrance without any further procedure. If this is not the case for you, there are two other possibilities: You have a test certificate for a PCR test that is max. 48 hours old or an antigen test that is max. 24 hours old? Great. Off to the entrance! You don’t have any of these? Then you have to go through our test station of the German Red Cross before you can enter.
Your test is negative? Top. With the certificate issued on site, you can then go to the entrance. The test costs 20 euros, which you can pay at the entrance. Please note: Payment is only possible in cash, we do not accept EC cards or similar.
The test is positive? Then we will have to do an additional PCR test at your expense. Because: The antigen tests tend to give a false-positive result if you are not completely sober. However, if the PCR test is also positive, the fun for you here unfortunately comes to an end. We have to report the positive test to the health authorities and you have to go home to quarantine. If you are travelling by car with a group, the whole group must leave (even if the test is otherwise negative), as the viral load in the car may be high enough to infect your fellow travellers, even if their tests are currently still negative. The incubation period lasts a few days.
Please don’t do this to us or to yourself, so reduce unnecessary contact at best 1 – 2 weeks before the festival and maybe even do a self-test before departure. If you have any symptoms (dry cough, cold, fever, loss of smell or taste, shortness of breath or muscle and throat pain), please go to the doctor before departure and take a PCR test! This will save you and us unnecessary discontent.

If all tests are negative, everything is positive and we can finally celebrate another freaky Gaggalacka together. Nevertheless, we ask you to keep your distance on the festival grounds as a further barrier to infection. Wash and disinfect your hands properly and please don’t spit in other people’s food 😉 Masks on the floors are not necessary – we want to see your fat grin. But there are maximum numbers for the toilet and shower facilities as well as the sauna on site. Another special feature that is necessary for a safe bubble: The festival area cannot be left. Except for people with a PCR test that is max. 48 hours old, people who have been vaccinated twice and people who have recovered max. 6 months ago. In this case, please have your proof with you, otherwise we will not be able to let you on the site.
We are therefore planning to offer a „substitute supermarket“ on the site. How exactly, whether as a small kiosk on site or via a supermarket delivery service, we unfortunately cannot tell you at the moment. But we are working on it 😉
If you would like to be tested again on site before departure, you are welcome to do so. You will have to pay another 20 euros for this. You can buy the „I paid for the departure test“ chip at the Infopoint during the festival. That’s it. A lot of information and a bit more work and thought in advance in exchange for an anniversary festival that will make you forget all the crap. We think that’s fair enough and look forward to seeing you crazy gaggalackas!